Five Amazing Devices That Help People with Low Vision

It’s a fact: for those with visual impairments, simply doing the most basic chores around the house can be troublesome. Even more than that, low vision individuals suffer from the inability to comfortably and easily read – and that includes books, computer screens, medical prescription instructions, food labels, signboards, and the list goes on.

Fortunately, Tech Advancements Have Created Amazing New Devices Designed to Make Daily Seeing and Reading Activities Simpler!

Whether at home or on the go – and no matter if it’s a medicine label, product label, a watch or clock, and more – rest assured there is a special helping aid to help you see better.  Boost your independence and quality of life! Check out these five incredibly helpful products made to help you lessen your daily low vision issues:

Ott-Lite WingShade 18-Watt Floor Lamp

Flexible, rotating floor lamps are one of the most convenient devices for illuminating a desk space, a book, or any other working space. features high contrast, low heat, low glare illumination that enhances visual acuity and helps reduce eyestrain. This WingShade 18-Watt Floor Lamp offers total adjustability with a flex neck to direct the illumination exactly where you need it.

It is lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it from your study area to garage – and anywhere in your home where you need it! Rotate the lamp, too, in order to perfectly illuminate anything you want to read or work on. 18-watt, 10,000- hour rated tube has an output of 810 lumens!

Braille Slate with Clipboard

This Braille Slate with Clipboard set helps the blind and visually impaired create neat, clearly written sentences more quickly and easily. It features a 37-cell, 4-line aluminum Braille writing slate with raised tabs and a durable wooden clipboard with 7 holes on each side.

Simply clip paper to board and place Braille writing slate on top, fitting tabs on slate into holes on clipboard. Write a line, then slide the slate down into the next hole for neat, clearly written sentences.

Fit-Over Sunglasses

What to do when you step outside and the blazing sunlight shines right into your eyes, making it more difficult to see properly?

Fit-Over Sunglasses are just the right thing for this issue!

Designed to be worn over large oval and rectangular shaped prescription eyewear frames, these specially designed sunglasses provide maximum UV protection from every angle. Hard-coated PDX polarized lenses and side shields completely block blinding glare, providing extraordinary visual clarity, natural color definition and enhanced contrast.

Features PDX Amber colored lenses, polarized side shields, wrap around 100-percent UVA and UVB protection, hypo-allergenic crystal nylon frame – and even helps to prevent cataracts!

* Velcro carrying case with sport clip
* Detachable neck cord
* Micro-fiber cleaning cloth

Glare is a common symptom in low vision conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It significantly hinders the ability to see or read outdoors. With special Fit-Over Sunglasses, you can have the vision relief you want and need!

Max Auto Touch LED Handheld Magnifier

According to the AAO, nearly 14.2 million people in the US aged 40 or older are hyperopic (farsighted). For people with farsightedness, an illuminated magnifier can be an incredibly helpful reading device.

The ultimate in convenience, the Max Auto Touch LED Handheld Magnifier provides powerful magnification plus Auto Touch technology that turns the built-in LED light on as soon as you pick it up, so there’s no on/off switch to deal with!

The Max Auto Touch 3x, 9-diopter LED Illuminated Magnifier with its 3.27 in. x 2.32 in. (83mm x 59mm) rectangular bi-aspheric lens offers a large, low-distortion field of view and uniform LED light across the lens, for an easier reading experience. Its ergonomic handle conforms to the natural shape of the hand, making it comfortable to use for longer periods and easier for the arthritic and those with limited dexterity to hold.

What’s more, the Max Auto Touch is extra lightweight and features an auto touch on/off switch in the handle that automatically turns the LED on when you pick it up, and off when you put it down.

Now that’s some awesome and helpful technology!

Full Sheet Magnifier

Think of a Full Sheet Magnifier as your personal tablet computer, allowing you to finally see text with increased visual clarity and brilliance. 

These magnifiers are compact, lightweight, and portable so that you can easily read books, documents, newspapers, labels, do crafting, and more. To skim easily across any text, simply hover the magnifier over the text and it will show you the same page/object in a sharp and vivid view.

The magnifying power varies across different devices, so choose the device that best works for your needs.